Our people

In our London Bridge studios, we are passionate about quality design. Meet our Senior Leadership Team:

The directors

Glen Macfarlane

Glen is driven to create great places for people as much today as in his university days. Throughout this time Glen has become increasingly focused on his passion for urban regeneration and sustainable landscape design, two elements which have come to define his career and practice.

Pierre Chin-Dickey

Pierre became Design Director in 2019 to spearhead major urban regeneration schemes, environmental design projects, and strategic business objectives. Pierre is an accredited landscape professional in both the United States and the United Kingdom with specialist training in both environmental and sustainable design.

Hannah Liebing

Hannah joined Macfarlane + Associates in 2016. She was appointed to Practice Director in 2020 where she is responsible for operations, finance and coordinating HR within the company. Putting to use her financial acumen, she manages the company’s financial activities, including budgeting and strategic reporting.

Adam Williams

Adam was appointed as Director in June 2024 having delivered numerous significant placemaking and public realm schemes throughout his 7 years at the company. Following promotion, he now sets his sights on driving the Practice’s design ethos and helping grow our expanding portfolio.

Associate Directors

Divya Umakanth

As Practice Associate Director, Divya’s role spans all forward-looking aspects of the business, focusing on business development, the company’s media profile as well as competitions and competitive tenders.