MIPIM 2022

How was MIPIM 2022, after missing the last two years with Covid restrictions?

Well, there was a much more relaxed atmosphere due to the delegate attendance being 30% down on 2019. Whilst the private sector was still well represented albeit with less people, there was a sparce Local Government attendance (with impending Local Elections and ESG considerations). The London Stand this year was shamefully small, about half its normal size – and this does need to change for next year. In saying that, less people meant longer conversations, more time with key people and a better quality of conversation.

We were really there this year, not to drum up UK work as the domestic market is wonderfully busy, but to forge back into the international market again – and we ended up with a number of strong leads.

However, the lasting memory for the 2022 MIPIM is the exhilaration of ‘being human again’, having real life interaction and enjoying the gregariousness of group gatherings – which made it especially memorable.