We’ve been shortlisted to run an event as part of this year’s ‘London Festival of Architecture’ in June 2021 and we’ve decided to do it outside!

With entries and events spanning both physical and digital platforms featured from all over the world, the festival welcomes everyone into a conversation around architecture through London. London Festival of Architecture is the largest architectural festival in the world with a diverse mix of individuals and organisations presenting various aspects of architecture and placemaking in the city.

After winning the RIBA international competition for the extraordinary ‘Low Line’ regeneration initiative in Southwark, we have been working hard to complete the strategic analysis and realisation of conceptual studies with our amazing team partners, PDP London, Studio 4215 and Greengage in promoting an ecological vision for the ‘LowLine Commons’ putting the local community, as well as nature, at the heart of the project.


Image credit: Sanchez Benton Architects