Unanimous approval has been granted by Westminster Council’s planning committee for Lisson Grove – an impressive 7-storey mixed-use building with state-of-the-art office and retail floorspace designed to replace a job centre in Marylebone.

Skilled at working within difficult planning contexts – in this case a conservation area – the approval is a tribute to the fortitude of AHMMs proposals which will see the existing building demolished and replaced with office space. Upper levels will be furnished with verdant, private terraces designed to transport occupants to settings more rural than the central London Borough of Westminster.

Through the implementation of a green infrastructure toolkit designed specifically for tight sites such as this, our strategy aims to green the grey. Creating visual interest from ground level through the introduction of parapet edge planters to terraces improves the streetscape for the general public and enhances the exterior architecture. Planting continues throughout the terraces with a biodiverse species rich palette.