The long-awaited Elizabeth Line has just opened and is expected to serve 200 million commuters a year. The public realm improvements to its major stations will ensure the project benefits many more than just passengers traversing the capital. Today, we are showcasing 10 of our best urban regeneration schemes along its route!

Over the past decade, M+A’s placemaking work in the London regions has been pivotal to these transit-oriented developments along the Elizabeth Line. From Reading to Romford, this new transport corridor should be a major catalyst for new developments and to bring prosperity back to the ailing suburban town centres.

M+A are proud to be part of this transformational work in London by delivering more than 5,000 new homes of the 90,599 predicted to support the route – a number that is set to double to 180,000 new homes by 2026.

As the opening of the Queen Elizabeth Line brings further investment to these suburban areas, a new wave of regeneration will spread so mind the gap bringing east and west together!