Cortland Broad Street – Birmingham’s newest Build-to-rent (BtR) scheme and part of the city’s ambitious scheme of regenerating Broad Street – has started construction!

Cortland has appointed M+A to deliver 440 rental homes and residential gardens to create a truly unique experience to support residents’ lifestyles. Broad Street regeneration brings forth a new tram line and significant tower buildings. The 35-storey high development brings forth crucial public realm greening improvements and essential BtR units that promote choice and flexibility within the Birmingham housing market – all supported by the National Planning and Policy Framework.

Broad street focuses on community well-being by designing spaces that allow for incidental social interaction, multi-generational play, relaxation, and celebration. In addition, post-pandemic design incorporates health and wellness features such as a 200m walking route and exterior gym space for yoga or light exercise. Green planting spaces fold into the amenity spaces combining rain gardens, tree planting, and edible gardens.