Image Credit: JTP Architects

The ambitious regeneration of hugely challenging 1.5-hectare site in fast-changing Canning Town has made great steps forward in the last few months. Nestled next to the river Lea estuary, the site presents a fantastic opportunity to deliver 800 residential units and approximately 20,000 square feet of non-residential space with Barratt London, JTP Architects and Metropolitan Workshop.

A deal that was originally identified back in March 2020, the scheme at Crown Wharf, Bidder Street in the London Borough of Newham will likely act as a catalyst for further development in the ‘Cody Triangle’

Barratt are committing to providing approximately 280 affordable housing units well dispersed throughout the largely pedestrianised site. In close proximity to Canning Town station, our public realm design focuses on desire lines as a way of improving the site’s connectivity. Through the provision of ample, well-designed public space we aim to provide new and different types of space to increase the offering in the area as well as join up existing sections of the river footpath.